A new young children's book, ‘Fly Guys: Monday Madness’ tells the fun story of two unlikely best friends, a fly called Fuzz and 5-year-old Alice. Their mop-based adventure to the moon is brought crashing back to earth when Alice’s dad attempts to swat Fuzz.  When Fuzz asks Alice why her dad hates flies, the story takes a thoughtful turn and raises questions about difference, diversity and friendship.

Andreas von der Heydt, Head of Kindle Content, Amazon - "This is a great cute book for children. It's centered around the idea to tackle prejudice. Beautifully laid out, appealing illustrations and colours, and very nicely written. Both for the little and the older ones (=parents). I'm sure you'll have some good laughs and thoughts about its messages and how they are delivered. There should be more books like this one!"

Bill Schultz, CEO Home Plate Entertainment, four-time Emmy-award winning animation producer and Studio Executive with more than 25 years of experience, producing such hit shows as 'The Simpsons', 'King of the Hill', 'Garfield', 'Clifford the Big Red Dog', 'He Man and the Masters of the Universe' and 'Hero:108'. - “This book shows the sensitivity and creativity of an experienced creator.  Fly Guys is a fun read and the art style is light and very appealing.  The heavy and important subject is easily conveyed through the author’s careful use of color and action.  Fly Guys is a must read for any parent of a child living in a diverse world.  Meaning – Planet Earth.  Bravo Bobby!”

The book’s creator Bobby Thandi said “the book helps parents and teachers to broach the tricky subject of prejudice. The main challenge was writing a book that deals with prejudice in a fun yet effective way to engage children. I hope readers enjoy discovering the deeper meanings within the rhyming narrative. No child is born with prejudice and I’d love to keep it that way."

Monday Madness is the first in a series of seven books, which will launch Fuzz and Alice on a new adventure each day of the week. As well as teaching children the days of the week, the ending of the first book invites readers to use their imagination and submit ideas to help shape Fuzz and Alice's next adventure.

Before buying the physical book, if you'd like to read the book for free, simply download the Fly Guys app from the Apple App Store. The book has been beautifully narrated by the super talented Sandra Huggett! 

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