Stephanie Gauld, Children’s Digital Media Consultant, and former Head of Disney’s Club Penguin and Digital Publisher at Egmont -  “Fly Guys' creator, Bobby Thandi, has an excellent understanding of this target reader-base and knows just how important building friendships and fitting in is to young children, in the process of forming their identities. This is a charming tale of diversity and acceptance... with fantastic illustrations to boot!”

Shahneila Saeed, Director of the Digital Schoolhouse (funded by The Mayor of London) - “With a layout and style that highly appeals to the younger audience, the book provides a strong message to promote diversity and the importance of friendship in a subtle but very effective way. Highly recommended.”   

Maria O'Loughlin, Children's TV Scriptwriter (CBBC, Discovery Channel, Disney Junior) – “I found ‘Fly Guys’ utterly charming! It strikes just the right balance between action, comedy and warmth to deliver a very important message about tolerance - something we need a lot more of in today's world! I can't wait to see what Bobby Thandi does with the rest of the series!”


Claire Jackson, The Froebelian School, Leeds, England – “A colourful, bold, easy read, touching on inclusion and diversity. Fantastic rhyming which engages the listener. A welcome addition to our school library.”

Nicholas Farmer, SEFE, São José dos Pinhais, Brazil - “Fantastic book for young children exploring their imaginations by delving into the fascinating relationships children create with animals whilst incorporating the importance of parental tolerance of the child's free-thinking. Highly creative ideas coupled with interesting rhyming and dynamic illustrations, which is always essential for the target age group."

Kiren Rana, Arden Primary School, Birmingham, England - "A fun, enjoyable read for children of all ages. This story cleverly captures the value of friendship and inclusion through the use of an exciting storyline, eye-catching imagery and literary techniques."   


Elizabeth Kennedy, Australia - “Lovely book with nice bright pics, amazing rhymes and lots of fun onomatopoeic words that my kids (aged 2 and 5) love!”

Michael Smith, U.S.A – “Your kid will love this book! It was requested to be read 3 times in a row, which is a rare feat in my household. The book was recommended to me by a friend as they said it really got their 4 year old to use their imagination. I wasn't clear on how this book would do this, but it resulted in a 10 min conversation with my 4 year old about the ending of the book. Never thought I'd have such a long conversation over a book with my boy! The social message about respecting diversity and standing up for your friends is also really sweet. Not to mention the very modern and bold illustrations. And your kid will love the rhyming, as did I!”

Faye Lightowler, England - “My son loved this book, it is the first book that he asks me to read to him before going to sleep every evening. I love the fact it touches upon diversity and inclusion and another important factor is for all parents it's such an easy read. We can't wait for further books to become available.”

Bally D., England - “Me and my kids loved Fly Guys! A fun story that's cleverly rhymed and complimented by cool, bold illustrations. A welcome addition to the competitive kids market. If you love Julia Donaldson books & the like, you'll love this!”

Pariya Savarabadi, U.S.A - “This book is amazing for children. It is also my daughters favourite book so far... I have recommended this book to absolutely everyone, as it is so far the only book that I've read that teaches kids to stick up for their friends. It also teaches them diversity and friendship which is vital for growing kids.”